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Now that you’ve made the commitment to work towards achieving your goals through your fitness program with Miranda Gibson Fitness, you can book your weekly sessions with Miranda Gibson Fitness by clicking here.

Your First Session

Prior to your first session I ask that you have completed the Miranda Gibson Fitness’ intake forms and returned them to me 48 hours prior to your first session via email at  These forms will provide me with important information such as medical conditions, past or current injuries, your current habits as well as your goals that I should be mindful of in creating your personalized program.

When you arrive at your first session, I will go through a passive and dynamic physical assessment of your posture as well as range of motion.  Together we will go through your program and how this will help you reach your goals as you become familiar with the equipment and the movements.

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Session Length

Sessions are booked for 75 minutes, however your training session is only 60 minutes long to allow for sufficient time for me to sanitize the equipment before the next booked session begins.

Cancellation Policy

When you book an session as part of your program with Miranda Gibson Fitness, that time is set aside specifically for you and or your workout partner if you are selecting a small group workout.  In the event that you are unable to attend your session please contact me as directly via email at no later than 7:00 pm the day prior to change your session date and time.  If you are unable to give notice prior to this time, your session will be considered missed and I will be unable to reschedule this as part of your program.

I understand that there are exceptions especially when it comes to certain lines of work where you may be stuck on a call for overtime or other extenuating circumstances.  Please be open with me about your circumstances and where possible exceptions may be able to be made to the cancellation policy in those occasions.


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As I am the sole owner of Miranda Gibson Fitness, I do not have a receptionist, so I do ask that you please change your session through the booking section of my website rather than attempting to do so through me directly.

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Hearing Back from Me

As I am the sole owner of Miranda Gibson Fitness, there will be times where I am not able to respond to you as quickly as you may wish me to, as I may be giving my attention the clients I am working with, or it is outside of my working hours, I ask that you please be patient and I will do my very best to get back to you within 24 hours.

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